Walter Farina

He was born in Venosa (Potenza) on August 24, 1973. His father Raimondo Farina introduced him at the age of 10 to clarinet studies at the Wind Band "City of Forenza" (Potenza). In 1988, he enrolled at the Conservatory of Music "San Pietro a Maiella" of Naples, where, in 1994, he completed a degree in clarinet performance under the guidance of Raffaele Di Costanzo. He then studied composition and instrumentation for wind band under the guidance of Carmine Pagliuca at the same Conservatory of Music in Naples, where he also took counterpoint and fugue and wind band conducting with Gino Galluzzi. In 2001, he followed a four-year course in music education at the Conservatory of Music "G. Da Venosa" in Potenza. He also established himself in southern Italy as a solo clarinet performer and, nationally, as a composer and arranger with several of his wind band compositions, which are performed by the most renowned Italian wind ensembles and orchestras. He won multiple awards in various wind band composition contests. Among others, he has won 1st prize at the 4th International Competition for Marches "Città di Allumiere", the 6th contest "A March for Massimo Boario", the 5th International Competition for Marches "Città di Allumiere" in the category A, the 1st Composition Contest of Symphonic Marches "Città di Conversano," and at the Arrangement Competition "Città di Castello." He is currently director of the Wind Band " Città di Spinazzola " (Bitonto) and lecturer of Clarinet and Ensemble Music at the Music High School "Q. Orazio Flacco" of Venosa (Potenza). He is also completing a degree in composition and instrumentation for wind orchestra (2nd level) at the Conservatory of Music "Domenico Cimarosa" in Avellino under the guidance of Stefano Brezza.

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