1. Federico Agnello

    Born in Augusta, Syracuse (Italy) on 2 February 1991, Federico Agnello studied percussion following the technical method of Professor Mariagrazia Armaleo and [...]

  2. Federico Alotto

    Né à Turin en 1984, il commence ses études de musique à l’âge de huit ans dans l’harmonie de sa ville. Il obtient ensuite son diplôme de trompettiste [...]

  3. Franco Arrigoni

    Franco Arrigoni (Como 1961) graduated in trumpet with Maestro Battagliola and then in band instrumentation under the guidance of Maestro Pirola. He attended [...]

  4. Flavio Bar

    Né à Turin en 1964, il a obtenu son diplôme de trompettiste au Conservatoire de musique "A. Vivaldi" d’Alessandria. Il a ensuite suivi des cours de musique [...]

  5. Massimo Bertaccini

    Bertaccini Massimo, born in Cusercoli (Forlì) in 1959 where he currently resides, began studying music at eight years of age with his hometown wind band. [...]

  6. Dario Bortolato

    Originally from the province of Varese, Bortolato has studied privately harmony, counterpoint, and wind band instrumentation. He played percussion for several [...]

  7. Giovanni Bruni

    Born in 1982, Bruni began his music education at the Music Lyceum in Trento, where he graduated in 2001. The following year, under the guidance of Pepito Ros, [...]

  8. Giuseppe Calvino

    Giuseppe Calvino, born in Rovereto (Trento) in 1976, completed performance degrees in saxophone (2000) and percussion (2002) from the Conservatory of Music [...]

  9. Leo Capezzuto

    Born in Agropoli (Salerno, Italy) in 1984, Leo Capezzuto lives in Castellabate (Salerno, Italy). He began studying music at age seven at the Music School of the [...]

  10. Francesco Cardaropoli

    Francesco Cardaropoli est né à Bracigliano (Salerno) le 30 juin 1969 et a obtenu son diplôme de trombone au Conservatoire de musique de Salerno. Il a ensuite [...]

  11. Daniele Carnevali

    Born in 1957, obtained degrees in Trumpet and Composition for band at the Conservatory of Parma and in Choir Music and at the Conservatory of Bologna. He was a [...]

  12. Alessandro Celardi

    After completing his degree in humanities, Alessandro Celardi earned degrees in piano, composition, instrumentation for wind ensemble and the two-year specialty [...]

  13. Claudio Chiara

    Claudio Chiara was born in Moncalieri (To) on 11/10/1960. He graduated in double-bass in 1982 with Master Enzo Ferraris at the “G. Verdi” Conservatory of [...]

  14. Angela Ciampani

    Born in Città della Pieve (Perugia, Italy) in 1968, she began piano lessons at the age of four years. At eight years she discovered her love for the accordion [...]

  15. Fulvio Creux

    After leaving high school, he went on to graduate from the Conservatories of Turin and Milan and continued his studies at the Wiener Mastercourses under C. [...]

  16. Claudio Dorigato

    Claudio Dorigato was born in Castello Tesino (Trento) in 1971. He graduated in clarinet and then obtained a diploma in band instrumentation with Daniele [...]

  17. Luciano Feliciani

    Luciano Feliciani began studying music at a young age and graduated with a degree in trumpet performance in 1995 from the Conservatory of Music ''G. Rossini'' [...]

  18. Nicola Ferro

    Coming from a family of musicians, Nicola Ferro approached music through the study of the piano. Subsequently, he undertook the study of the trombone, and he [...]

  19. Giovanni Foddai

    He was born in Arbus in the district of Cagliari in 1968. He graduated in oboe, with full marks, in 1989 under Master Simone Bensi from the “G.P. da [...]

  20. Fernando Francia

    Born in Viarigi (AT) in 1935, he studied wind band intrumentation. He also worked, both as a player and arranger, with a few pop and folk groups, recording with [...]

  21. Donald Furlano

    Born in 1965, graduated in trumpet, he studied composition and modern arranging techniques with Filippo Daccò. Skilful arranger, he is also an appreciated [...]

  22. Giancarlo Gazzani

    Giancarlo Gazzani est né à Rome en 1941. Il a étudié le trombone, la composition et la direction d’un orchestre. Musicien éclectique, il a exercé son [...]

  23. José González Granero

    José González Granero est né en 1985 à Jaén (Espagne). Il a commencé ses études de musique à l’âge de 5 ans, avec son père. Il a ensuite étudié la [...]

  24. Michele Grassani

    Grassani graduated with honor from the Conservatory of Music “A. Boito” of Parma with degrees in saxophone under the guidance of Luciano Alunno and in wind [...]

  25. Lino Guerreiro

    Lino João Vidal Guerreiro was born in 1977, in Tavira. He began his musical studies when he was nineteen years old at the Conservatório Regional de Setúbal. [...]

  26. Filippo Ledda

    Filippo Ledda was born in Oristano in 1975. He attended a school to become a teacher then the academy of music “G.P. da Palestrina” in Cagliari, where he [...]

  27. Michele Mangani

    Born in Urbino, he graduated from the "G. Rossini" Conservatory in Pesaro in Clarinet (1984), Band Instrumentation (1987), Composition (1990), and Orchestral [...]

  28. Corrado Maria Saglietti

    Corrado Maria Saglietti est né à Costigliole d’Asti. Il a obtenu son diplôme de Corniste à Alessandria et de Composition à Turin. Il fait partie de [...]

  29. Javier Martinez Campos

    He was born in Valencia (Spain) in December 1989, and began his musical studies at the age of 4 in CEDAM Academy of Madrid, continuing at the Conservatorio [...]

  30. Marco Martoia

    Marco Martoia graduated with a degree in clarinet performance from the Conservatory of Music “Giuseppe Verdi” in Turin under the guidance of Raffaele [...]

  31. Andrea Mastroeni

    Born in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Messina) in 1986, he began studying music at 9 year of age at the music courses organized by the U.P.C.F. in San Filippo del [...]

  32. Giuliano Moser

    Giuliano Moser was born in Trento in 1974. He first studied music at the Liceo Musicale di Trento, from which he graduated in 1993. He went on to graduate from [...]

  33. Michele Napoli

    Michele Napoli began studying clarinet with Maurizio Manago at a young age. In 2007, he graduated with a degree in clarinet performance from the Conservatory of [...]

  34. Michele Netti

    Born in Augusta (1960), he studied at the Conservatories of Pesaro, Salerno and Bari, where he graduated in tuba, band instrumentation, composition, choral [...]

  35. Salvatore Nogara

    Salvatore Nogara, born in Palermo on April 16, 1972, graduated with a degree in tuba performance from the Conservatory of Music "Antonio Scontrino" of Trapani. [...]

  36. Didier Ortolan

    Né à Hayange (France) en 1966, diplôme de clarinettiste et saxophoniste et sur le point d’obtenir son diplôme d’Instrumentation pour Harmonie. Il a le [...]

  37. Antonino Pedone

    Clarinet an saxophone player, composer and arranger, he graduated in clarinet from Palermo’s Conservatory in 1982. Baritone sax player and founder member of a [...]

  38. Antonio Petrillo

    Antonio Petrillo was born in Salerno on 6 June 1986. At the age of four years he is introduced to music by his father and, in 2005, he graduated with a degree [...]

  39. Luca Pettinato

    Born in Mantua in 1989, Luca Pettinato graduated with a degree in Composition from the Conservatory of Music of his hometown followed by a degree in Wind Band [...]

  40. Palmino Pia

    Il est né à Turin en 1953 où il habite actuellement. Après avoir commencé à jouer du piano à l’âge de huit ans, il a approfondi avec beaucoup [...]

  41. Carlo Pucci

    Born in Capannori (Lucca) in 1966, Pucci started to play organ and arrange music for his village’s choir at a young age. He developed musically with the [...]

  42. Franco Puliafito

    Il a fait ses études au Conservatoire d’état de musique Bomporti de Trento, en obtenant son diplôme de corniste en 1993. Il décide alors de compléter sa [...]

  43. Lorenzo Pusceddu

    Né à Dolianova (Cagliari) en 1964, il a un catalogue de plus de deux cents œuvres, dont beaucoup ont été publiées et enregistrées par Scomegna Edizioni [...]

  44. Giuseppe Ratti

    Born in Turin in 1965, graduated in Composition, Orchestral Direction, Clarinet and Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Turin and in Band Instrumentation at [...]

  45. Andrea Ravizza

    Andrea Ravizza, born in 1971, is composer, arranger, and orchestra conductor. Since the early 1990s, he has been active as pianist and jazz arranger and has [...]

  46. Antonio Rossi

    Antonio Rossi est né à Pieve di Cadore (Belluno) en 1964. Il a étudié la trompette au Conservatoire de Padoue et l’Instrumentation pour Harmonie au [...]

  47. Leonardo Rossi

    Né à Bibbiena (Arezzo) en 1962, il a étudié la composition au Conservatoire "L. Cherubini" de Florence, en obtenant son diplôme en "Instrumentation pour [...]

  48. Massimo Sanfilippo

    Massimo Sanfilippo was born in 1964 in Turin, where he still lives with his family. At the Courses of Musical Education organized by the City of Turin he [...]

  49. Davide Scarcella

    Born in Turin in 1978, he graduated in clarinet, pianoforte, band instrumentation, composition and orchestra conducting from the ''G. Verdi'' Conservatory in [...]

  50. Federico Scarfì

    Born in Trento in 1979, he graduated in pianoforte and saxophone from the F. A. Bonporti Conservatory in Trento and then obtained a degree in band [...]

  51. Gioachino Scomegna

    Gioachino Scomegna was born in Turin, Italy on January 14, 1950. After attending his music studies, he received diplomas for piano, trumpet and orchestra [...]

  52. Donato Semeraro

    Donato Semeraro was born in Cisternino (Brindisi). He graduated in horn from the "N. Piccinni" Conservatory of Music, Bari (part of the Monopoli State [...]

  53. Renato Soglia

    Born in Riolo Terme (RA) in 1960, Soglia graduated in trumpet performance and instrumentation and composition for band at the Conservatory of Music in Bologna. [...]

  54. Marco Somadossi

    Marco Somadossi was born in Rovereto, Italy, in 1968. He studied music at the Conservatory “F. A. Bonporti” in Trento, where he graduated with degrees in [...]

  55. Angelo Sormani

    Italian composer and conductor, he graduated in trumpet, in composition of electronic music, in experimental composition, in choral singing and choir and band [...]

  56. Francesco Speranza

    Francesco Speranza was born in Caserta in 1979. His father Federico, a clarinet player in the wind band of the “Guardia di Finanza” (Custom and Finance [...]

  57. Marco Tamanini

    Born on 7/7/1954, he graduated in composition, band instrumentation and choral music from the Verona Conservatory and in orchestra direction from the Pesaro [...]

  58. Enrico Tiso

    Né à Senago, dans la région de Milan, en 1959, il a obtenu un diplôme en flûte traversière au Conservatoire “Nicolini” de Piacenza. Il a participé à [...]

  59. Dario Tosolini

    Dario Tosolini was born in Latisana (Udine) in 1977. In 1996, he completed a bachelor degree in sciences and the following year he graduated with a degree in [...]

  60. Flavio Vicentini

    Born in Ala (Trento) in 1955, he graduated in trombone from the Trento Conservatory, where he also obtained his diploma in band instrumentation with Maestro [...]