José González Granero

José González Granero was born in 1985, in Jaén (Spain). He started studying music with his father when he was five. He went on to study clarinet and piano at the “Conservatorio Elemental de Música de Cazorla” and at the "Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Jaén", where he studied harmony, history of music, counterpoint and clarinet. He has now concluded his clarinet studies at the “Royal Conservatory” in Granada. As clarinettist he has played in several orchestras. His composition “Overture for a Celebration” won second prize at the international "Comines-Warneton" competition in Belgium, where it was performed for the first time by the “Musique Royale des Guides” conducted by Norbert Nozy. For 2007 he has won a scholarship to study at the University of Southern California (USA).
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