Javier Martinez Campos

He was born in Valencia (Spain) in December 1989, and began his musical studies at the age of 4 in CEDAM Academy of Madrid, continuing at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Getafe with Mª Nieves Collado. Finally, he studied at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid violoncello with Iagoba Fanlo and composition (J. Medina, A. Romero, M. Seco, Z. de la Cruz, B. Dozza, E. Armenteros, A. Carretero), finishing in 2011 both careers with Honors.Currently, he studies a Master program at the Robert Schumann Hochschule of Düsseldorf (Germany) with professor Gregor Horsch (soloist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam). In the field of composition, instrumentation and orchestration, he has participed in courses with Leonardo Balada, Ertugrul Sevsay, and Bernardo Adam Ferrero.As a cellist he has been member of the “National Spain Youth Orchestra” (JONDE), “Ibero-American Youth Orchestra” (OJI), conducted by Gustavo Dudamel; principal cello of the “Netherlands Jugend Orchestra” (NJO), and also member of the “Generalitat Valenciana Youth Orchestra” (JOGV), in which he was principal cello and with which he performed as soloist. He has collaborated with the “Extremadura Youth Orchestra” (OJEX). Nowadays, he is academist of the “Mahler Chamber Orchestra” (MCO), member of the “European Union Youth Orchestra” (EUYO) and reserv member of the “Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester” (GMJO). He has won numerous awards, including the following: - 1st prize at the 8th Choral Composition Contest “Ciudad de Getafe” (2007). - 1st prize ex aequo at the 10th International Composition Contest “Salvador Seguí” of the International Chamber Music Week in Montserrat (Valencia) (2008). - 1st prize in the 2nd Contest of Música Festera Compositions “Ciutat de València” (2009). - 1st prize in the 10th Choral Composition Contest “Ciudad de Getafe” (2009). - 1st prize “Fallera Major of Valencia 2010” at the 13th National Composition Contest of Pasodobles Falleros (2010). - 1st prize in the 9th International Composition Contest for Orchestra “Andrés Gaos” (2011). - 1st prize in the IV International Composition Contest “Cittá di Sinnai” (2012). Some of his works are published by Scomegna Edizioni Musicali, Piles, Rivera Editores, OmnesBands, IdealMusica and DASÍ-Flautas Ediciones.
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