Franco Arrigoni

Franco Arrigoni (Como 1961) graduated in trumpet with Maestro Battagliola and then in band instrumentation under the guidance of Maestro Pirola. He attended various courses in direction held by Thomas Briccetti, Fulvio Creux, Hardy Mertens, Franco Cesarini and Thomas V. Fraschillo. He has directed the Civica Filarmonica band in Bellinzona (CH) since 1994, the Filarmonica Unione band in Novazzano (CH) since 1993 and the Corpo Musicale Appianese in Appiano Gentile (Como) since 1985. Since 1985 he has been a teacher of musical education for lower secondary classes. He has written several works and a number of arrangements for Concert Band. EVENTI was awarded second prize at the "Vallée D’Aoste" National Composition Contest (1999).
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