Enrico Tiso

Born in Senago (Milan) in 1959, Enrico Tiso holds a degree in flute performance from the Conservatory of Music “Nicolini” in Piacenza. He has been active as a performer in various chamber music ensembles and is professor of flute in middle schools that specialize in musical arts. He studied composition, conducting, and wind band instrumentation and participated in courses and masterclasses with directors such as Lorenzo Pusceddu, Paolo Belloli, Sandro Satanassi, and Andrea Loss. He concentrated his professional career on children’s music education and has published various work on this topic. In this field, he has also won prestigious awards in national competitions. Currently, he concentrates on writing compositions for wind band. Since 2007, he has been teaching flute at the summer music courses organized by the ANBIMA Lombardia, and since 2011, he has been the conductor of the wind band “Corpo Musicale Santa Cecilia-1900” of Palazzolo Milanese.
Titolo Audio Pdf Diff Durata
2,5 7'10
  • Pariter
  • Springdrizzle
  • Niamhandoisin
1,5 11'50
KAMAR AND BUDUR (English text)
3 60'00
KAMAR E BUDUR (Italian text)
3 60'00
KAMAR ET BOUDOUR (French text)
3 60'00
KAMAR UND BADUR (German text)
3 60'00
  • Labrisiga
  • Diamante
2,5 3'27 - 3'12
PINOCCHIO, a puppet story (English text)
2,5 45'00
PINOCCHIO, die Geschichte einer Holzpuppe (German text)
2,5 45'00
PINOCCHIO, histoire d'une marionnette en bois (French text)
2,5 45'00
PINOCCHIO, storia di un burattino (Italian text)
2,5 45'00